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BusA bus accident can stem from a wide range of careless or negligent acts. The driver may fail to use proper care, or the bus company may neglect to perform appropriate maintenance. Another motorist may collide with or a pedestrian may walk into the path of the bus. You don’t need to collide with another vehicle to suffer a serious injury on a bus. You can be thrown to the floor or against a window and sustain head, neck, back or joint injuries.

If you have been hurt in a bus accident, the attorneys at Bailey & Galyen can help. We have the experience, knowledge, skill and resources to help you effectively pursue full and fair compensation for all your losses. We take a comprehensive approach to personal injury claims, handling all matters related to your case, from the gathering of evidence to the preparation and filing of all documents required by the courts. We will also be your voice in all proceedings, including depositions, settlement discussions and trial.

When You Have Been Injured in a Bus Accident

We handle bus accident injury claims arising out of all types of incidents, such as:

  • Other vehicles blocking or stopping in the bus lane
  • Sudden lane changes by other motorists
  • The loss of control by a bus driver, causing the bus to collide with another vehicle or veer off the road
  • Failure to by the bus driver to take road conditions into account, including operating the bus at excessive speeds in poor weather conditions
  • Failure by the owner of the bus company to properly maintain the bus
  • Negligence in the design or construction of a bus

We take bus accident injury claims involving all kinds of buses, including municipal buses, church or school buses, and tour or travel buses.

We will help you pursue damages for any losses suffered, from wages and income to physical pain and suffering, from medical expenses to loss of companionship. We litigate cases involving soft-tissue injury, such as bruises, muscle injury or whiplash, as well as serious and catastrophic losses, from broken bones to wrongful death claims.

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To set up a confidential consultation with an experienced Texas bus accident lawyer, contact our office online or call our offices at one of the convenient locations listed below. We will take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Personal injury lawsuits are complicated and expensive to mount and that is why we take all cases on contingency, meaning there is never a fee until we recover a settlement in your favor.

Bailey & Galyen provides skilled legal representation to individuals across the State of Texas including the Dallas-Fort Worth communities of Arlington, Bedford, Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, Grand Prairie, Mesquite and other cities in Texas including Houston Clear Lake / NASA, Texas.

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