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Falling Objects

Every year people are injured, and sometimes killed, by falling objects at work zones, in warehouses or stores, even on the streets. When these types of negligent accidents occur, legal advice from a knowledgeable premises liability attorney can help victims and their families recover damages for their injury or loss.

The personal injury law firm of Bailey & Galyen represents clients throughout Texas in cases of obvious negligence involving falling objects. People who are hit by falling tools, equipment, or merchandise often sustain a serious injury such as brain damage, spinal injury, broken bones, or neck injury.

Understanding Falling Objects and the Law

Big Box StoreWe provide experienced legal advice in premises liability accidents with falling objects involving:

  • Bridge repair and construction sites – tools, equipment or debris
  • Bulk retail outlets – store negligence with stacked or displayed merchandise
  • Buildings – window items, scaffolding and rooftop cranes
  • Flat-bed trucks – unsecured building materials, merchandise or vehicles
  • Warehouses – negligent storage on shelving and fork-lift or crane mistakes

Events in these types of cases imply that some form of negligence is involved. The law contains a negligence doctrine called res ipsa loquitor, or ”the thing speaks for itself.” This simply means normally objects do not fall on someone in the absence of negligence.

Establishing liability in a falling objects case requires discovering who was in control of an object before it fell. We provide clients with the aggressive, efficient legal support necessary to properly investigate the incident, determine the extent of injury, and pursue damages from those responsible for paying compensation.

Take Action, Before It’s Too Late

When someone is injured by a falling object, the accident should be reported immediately to a worksite foreman, construction site supervisor, store manager, and the police. It is important that the event be thoroughly documented and proper evidence gathered as soon as possible.

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