Hurricane Insurance, Business Loss, Property Damage, and Personal Injury Claims

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The devastating effects of Hurricanes Ike, Katrina and Rita have left a profound mark upon the communities that make up Houston & New Orleans and the surrounding areas, if not the entire nation. In the wake of catastrophic events such as these, insult is often quite literally added to injury as many individuals and businesses find they are unable to collect on their insurance claims.

A significant part of the work we at Bailey & Galyen do is to represent clients in first party insurance claims and subrogation cases. As members of the Rio Grande Valley & Houston community, we understand that disaster insurance law matters and have a personal stake in helping ensure clients obtain the coverage they pay for.

Bailey & Galyen has been preeminent in the successful handling of first party insurance claims, including hurricane, fire, flood, homeowners, business interruption, GCL or professional coverage, construction completion, and UM claims.

Our lawyers advise clients on what to look for in an insurance policy when obtaining disaster coverage or homeowner insurance.

We provide our clients with invaluable assistance, utilizing a thorough knowledge of disaster insurance law. We help businesses with insurance cases, addressing issues of property damage and business interruption. Utilizing the expertise of consultants and accountants we are able to meticulously review policies and successfully litigate cases.

The firm has also handled subrogation in insurance cases involving refinery explosions and fires

If you would like to speak to an attorney about your your hurricane related insurance claim, click here or call our office directly at 844-402-3900.

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