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Surgery PrepDoctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals are held to very strict standards of care by state and federal regulations as well as by the rules of their own professional organizations like the American Medical Association (AMA). When a doctor, hospital or other medical provider acts negligently, willfully or not, they are said to have committed “malpractice” and can be held liable for the injuries they have caused resulting from:

  • Surgical Error
  • Foreign Objects
  • Anesthesia / Medication Errors
  • Birth Trauma
  • Emergency Room Accidents
  • Misdiagnosis / Failure to Diagnose
  • Negligence / Incompetence

About Medical Malpractice Law

Medical malpractice laws were created to protect both physicians and patients and to strictly define the limits of liability in medical malpractice cases. At Bailey & Galyen, our lawyers have established a nationwide practice in the negotiation and litigation of medical negligence lawsuits on behalf of injured clients and their families throughout Texas. Medical Malpractice laws are complex and often confusing, resulting in broad interpretations that require the assistance a skilled attorney who can ensure that you rights are protected and decisions are made according to the facts and the law only.

These cases are routinely contested and generally require substantial legal and financial resources to assess injuries and determine the validity of the claim. We maintain a broad network of medical professionals who utilize the latest technology to assess injuries, plan for rehabilitation and assign liability.

We understand that a serious injury at the hands of a trusted medical professional brings emotional, as well as financial, stress. Our lawyers and legal staff are committed to a compassionate, personal approach to personal injury litigation, with clear communication and case updates to assist you in making decisions that are always in your best interest. Keep in mind also that not every personal injury attorney is a trial lawyer, capable of presenting lawsuits before the courts. Our medical malpractice lawyers are experienced trial attorneys who have earned a solid reputation for the litigation and negotiation of personal injury claims related to medical-malpractice.

Your Choice Does Make a Difference

If you are the victim of medical-malpractice, you have legal rights that need to be protected by a skilled med mal attorney.

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Contact us today for a FREE consultation after a negligent personal injury or wrongful death. We’ll work closely with you to protect your rights and secure fair compensation for your injuries – all personal injury lawsuits are taken on contingency, meaning there are no fees until we win a judgment in your favor.

Bailey & Galyen provides skilled legal representation to individuals across the State of Texas including the Dallas-Fort Worth communities of Arlington, Bedford, Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, Grand Prairie, Mesquite and other cities in Texas including Houston Clear Lake / NASA, Texas.

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