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Railroad Crossing Collisions ● Train Derailments ● Pedestrian Accidents

Every year hundreds of people across the nation are injured in collisions with trains.

Families are left to grapple with the overwhelming grief at the loss of a loved one or the difficulties of caring for a critically injured person. They often don’t understand how the railroad accident could have happened. Authorities and railroads typically blame the driver. They don’t know if the injured person was at fault. This uncertainty can cause them to put off talking to a lawyer.

Don’t wait to ask an attorney if you have a case.

It is quite possible that your loved one did nothing wrong, but was instead the innocent victim of negligence by the railroad company. The longer you wait to have an attorney investigate the case, the more likely it is that valuable evidence will be lost, the accident scene will be changed, witnesses will move or forget important details about the event. Consulting with our firm does not obligate you to hire us.

Get Experienced Legal Help with Your Railroad Accident Case

At the law office of Bailey & Galyen, we been helping injured people and grieving families pursue claims against railroads for many years.

Contact our Houston law office to schedule a free consultation. We represent clients in personal injury and wrongful death cases throughout Texas and across the U.S.

Causes of Railroad Crossing Accidents

Railroad crossing accidents involving cars and trains are a common and deadly type of railroad accident, but truck-train collisions also occur, particularly at extra-hazardous crossings.

Pedestrian train accidents commonly occur in a couple of ways:

  • When a person is walking across a double set of tracks to get on or off of a train, accidentally stepping into an oncoming train, or
  • When pedestrians follow a well recognized path across a railroad track (such as when a school lies close to a railroad track) and yet the railroad fails acknowledge the pedestrian traffic with warning signals or a blockade to prevent use of the dangerous path.

Train derailments and toxic chemical spills following derailments cause toxic inhalation and burn injuries to nearby residents and railroad workers. Derailments can also cause significant evacuations and loss of use of your home and property damage, in communities near the railway tracks. Train derailments can be caused by:

  • A vehicle blocking the track,
  • Poor track maintenance when a roadbed is not properly maintained, or
  • Human error if a dispatcher puts two trains on the same track, switches a train to a track where there are standing cars, or the engineer is speeding.

Railroad companies would like you to believe that railway collision accidents occur because a vehicle driver ignored safety warnings or drove in a negligent manner. At Bailey & Galyen we know that is not always the case. We’re willing to put time, effort, and resources into proving your claim.

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Personal injury lawsuits are complicated and expensive to mount and that is why we take all cases on contingency, meaning there is never a fee until we recover a settlement in your favor. If you’ve been injured, contact us today for a FREE consultation and peace of mind from one of our Texas Trial Attorneys.

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