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Life GaurdAccording to The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, thousands of deaths occur each year due to drowning or submersion. The majority of aquatic accidents occur in backyard swimming pools. While both children and adults alike are victims of pool accidents, residential swimming pools are the second leading cause of death of children under 14 years of age. Statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission indicate spas and whirlpools are also frequent scenes of child death and injury.

In addition to deaths, each year thousands more swimming pool accident victims are treated in hospital emergency rooms for submersion and near drowning. Alcohol-related injuries in and around swimming pools are quite common. A variety of pool equipment such as diving boards contribute to other pool mishaps. Aside from death, diving accidents are among the most serious and can result in spinal cord injury, causing permanent neurological injuries.

At Bailey & Galyen, we have extensive experience representing clients in drowning and swimming pool accident cases. Like all personal injury accidents, it is critical that swimming pool accidents are investigated promptly. Before memories fade, eyewitnesses and others must be questioned to retrieve and establish a record of the most accurate information possible.

Given the relative lack of federal and state legislation concerning swimming pool safety, a trusted attorney can help you understand applicable laws and regulations, ensure timely investigation and hold liable parties responsible.

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