When an accident happens …. the first Steps…


When an accident happens, we rarely think clearly, especially if we are injured. Our adrenaline is pumping, we are in a state of shock and much of what we do is automatic.

But what you do in those first moments after an accident can make a huge difference later in a lawsuit. Let’s discuss what you should do.

First, take notes. Your knowledge of what happened at the accident will NEVER be better than it is at that moment.

Write EXACTLY what happened. Start with what you were doing before the accident and what happened during and after the accident. Write down who was with you, what you were doing, what you saw, what you heard, etc. Write down anything anyone else said, including the other driver, the police, witnesses, etc. Be sure to include the weather and road conditions in your narrative. Finally, write down witness names and phone numbers.

Write down your injuries. Write down what hurts, how it was injured and how much it hurts. Later, supplement with information about pain increases, things you could not do, activities you had to miss, appointments you could not keep and problems the injuries caused you.

As your claim process moves forward, be sure to add to your notes. Make notes of any conversations you have with doctors, policeman and, more importantly, insurance adjusters.

Make a diary of your injuries. Include how you feel on a day-to-basis. Make notes about how the accident and subsequent injuries affect your daily life.

Accidents are no fun. But what happens afterward is usually even less fun. By taking good notes about your accident, you can help ensure better and fairer treatment from those who handle your claim.

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